The Winter Soldier
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C''s time for me to face the matter what.
--James Buchanan Barnes

Wipe him.


love, hunt me down | a mix for two badass spies kicking butt on a mission (and just maybe be falling in love along the way) 


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          We don't exist,
but we live to destroy.
★Terrorist OC Blog
★5+ Years of Experience Roleplaying
★Can be NSFW At times
★Avid Comic Reader
★Friendly to Canon and OC Relationships
★Mun and Muses are of Age
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#9 Safe to approach

[How do you monologue?? Anyway. Next update, we’ll see them say hi, and that will bring Bucky’s solo arc to a close..finally, some interaction between those two!]


Working on some new prints!

I should have a bunch of new stuff ready for Stockton Con and SacAnime this August.


Wooow Commissions are always open! It’s not like I have fifty people waiting for theirs!

No I’m serious. I don’t. please commission me. I have really cheep prices. Most is under 20 dollars, unless you want some really complex stuff.

Contact me here or at eren-ass, or even my email which is 

Yo its my best friend's birthday. all of you need to say happy birthday to her and her muse ▷


give her presents like puppies and kittens